Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On getting fit and failing to maintain... again and again...

So last year I completed Round 3 of the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation... It was great! Just the kick I needed get started. I had a great friend for support and we absolutely smashed it together. I lost close to 10kg, re-gained a whole lotta fitness and found my muscles hidden under that lost fat, even started growing said muscles a little.

I was on a high, the round finished late November. I bit the bullet & signed up for a second round. I started out, or rather kept on going at the the same pace. But somewhere after Christmas, during the height of the FNQ summer heat with the changing demands of life with a baby reaching 1 year old and the shifting priorities for both my friend & I, here I am at the start of May, 5 months later. I stopped, I have a whole book of reasons and I hate every one of them. It got harder to get moving.

On top of the getting harder to get moving, my food choices slipped.  My ability to say no to regular treats waned.  Food is without a doubt the most important factor in weight control.

And so it's time to throw out the book of reasons and start eating for nourishment AND Just. Get. Moving.

Monday, May 6, 2013

On big awesome pride for my Mamma

I have an awesome Mamma.

She is a kind lady with a big warm heart and possesses a selflessness that deserves recognition but would never dream to demand it.

I grew up watching her give so much out, even with our modest lifestyle Mum always found ways to pay it forward. She would always donate our toys to the families who needed them more. Of course not our favorites, but if we'd outgrown them or stopped playing with anything for length of time they'd be on their way to a new family.

So when she & Paulie went to Bali last week for a long overdue and well deserved holiday, with my 2 younger sisters, it came as no surprise to me when she told me she was taking 3 suitcases of clothing to an orphanage. 3 suitcases in lieu of their own luggage, which she was limiting to their carry on bags.

It was no surprise, but it still made my heart sing with pride. Awesome big pride for the big heart she has and the lovely lessons she taught me growing up. And the beautiful lesson she has taught my sisters on their first international holiday, that you don't just go to another country and just take, you give back in whatever way you can.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby Boy {13 Months + 1 Week}

It seems we are living in a time warp, wasn't I just writing a post introducing Mylo? Now, boom... He's a toddler. (So there's a big gap in documenting the last 12 months, bad blogger!)

The last week, Mylo's been stepping' out... Every day he's choosing to toddle along more and more... I think its fair to declare he's officially walking!! Next up he'll be running. Eep, two boys to chase, play dates at the park are about to get a whole lot more active...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

On dreaming better things for a neglected blog...

So it's been a while, a rather long while since I visited this place! It's not for lack of thinking I'd like to, but vastly due to being incredibly disorganised. I want to write more, record more of our stories here. I need to forgot any rules about what I want to write & just start posting and let that voice and direction come organically.

So for now my dream is simple: write/record, post... Watch this space, it will start filling up and with any luck a little of it will be worth reading!?