Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby Boy {13 Months + 1 Week}

It seems we are living in a time warp, wasn't I just writing a post introducing Mylo? Now, boom... He's a toddler. (So there's a big gap in documenting the last 12 months, bad blogger!)

The last week, Mylo's been stepping' out... Every day he's choosing to toddle along more and more... I think its fair to declare he's officially walking!! Next up he'll be running. Eep, two boys to chase, play dates at the park are about to get a whole lot more active...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

On dreaming better things for a neglected blog...

So it's been a while, a rather long while since I visited this place! It's not for lack of thinking I'd like to, but vastly due to being incredibly disorganised. I want to write more, record more of our stories here. I need to forgot any rules about what I want to write & just start posting and let that voice and direction come organically.

So for now my dream is simple: write/record, post... Watch this space, it will start filling up and with any luck a little of it will be worth reading!?