About Me

A little snippet of bits about me:

My name is Brooke...
(aka Queen BE, Mrs BE, Mummy BE, B1)

I am a wife to Brian,
(aka Spunky Husband, Mr BE, Daddy BE, B2)

I am a mother to 2 BEautiful little boys:
born 16 April 2010
(aka Mini Man, Dudie, Big Boy, B3)
born 23 March 2012
(aka Micro Man, Little Dudie, Baby Boy, 'Lo, B4)

I am also a sister, auntie, daughter, niece and friend :)

I am a stay at home Mum.
I love to cook, to fill the bellies of my BEs.

I am addicted to FB.
(don't tell my Spunky Husband that I have admitted that here... I may or may not vehemently deny this fact at any time he attempts to arrange an intervention!!  Note use of Spunky Husband nickname here, attempting to divert him with flattery?  Why yes!)

I am addicted to reading blogs...
... so I decided after a little encouragement from my friends, to start my own!)
I am new to this blogging thing & am hoping to find my rhythm soon!

I don't 'tweet'... I've never even braved a look, scared to find yet another platform for oversharing...
but I'm sure curiosity shall win out one day soon ;)

I have just started to play with Pinterest...
(find me using the link over there >>>> )

I love Instagram,
encouraged by fat mum slim's "photo a day challenge"...
(find me on Instagram:  @queenbestar)

I love, Love, LOVE my iPhone.

current as at 21 June 2012
I reserve the right to change anything about me at any time in the future, 
however, please, Universe, I beg of you...
let me have sense to only make changes for the better!!

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