Saturday, March 17, 2012

On humidity, moisture, rain & MOULD... "Rain, Rain Go Away!"

So the BE Hive is currently getting it's first real taste of tropical wet weather. After 3.5 years of living in the dry desert climate of Alice Springs, the rain... it's not so bad... it's the symptoms of the rain that have me, well, LOSING MY MIND!

I'm 38.5 weeks pregnant. So over the last 2 weeks I have been busily nesting & preparing for the imminent arrival of B4. This has involved cleaning, washing, folding, organising, sorting and setting up our 'nursery' space. I was feeling quite good about being relatively prepared for our new arrival.

For the past week or more we have been experiencing some pretty steady downpours. Our pool is overflowing, the gardens are overgrown, the grass is long, the yard looks like a swampland. There is moisture EVERYWHERE. Earlier in the week I noticed a little mould on a couple of things in the bottom of our walk in robe and made a note to purchase a few more of those 'damp rid' moisture absorber thingos, to help prevent further infestation. Well... I had a couple of outings & forgot to get them, until today, I finally remembered them today. I was feeling pretty good about getting that sorted!

I had also in the process of cleaning & sorting for B4's arrival, found a number of our baskets and other storage bits had become covered with mould. I'd dealt with these, treating them with 'oil of clove' to kill the mould spores and cleaning them.

This afternoon after successfully stocking up on 'damp rid' thingos, I decided we should get them in place doing their job in the walk in robe. Upon taking a closer inspection of the clothes in the robe, shoes at the bottom and a few other items in our room I found that the small amount of mould had now multiplied into a ridiculous infestation. Too late with the 'damp rid' thingos :(

Almost EVERYTHING in our walk in robe had some amount of mould growing on it. Then on further investigation of the rest of our room I found mould EVERYWHERE: on hats hanging on hooks on the bedroom door, on my nappy bad also hung on the door, on suitcases stored in another robe in the room... then I looked in the 'sunroom' beside the robe, which is going to be our 'nursery' space for the first few months and I found the bassinet starting to grow mould, the recliner growing mould, the baskets with baby clothes in them growing mould... pretty much mould everywhere. All. My. Hard. Work. WASTED. Then I looked further through the house & found the car seat I washed last week also covered in mould. Mould growing on the fabric of our dining chairs. The baskets I'd treated last week growing new mould. Pretty much mould growing on almost everything in every corner of the house.

How did I react? Tears. Lots of tears. I blame hormones (100%).

Did the tears help? A little, but now I think there's mould growing on the moisture in my eyelashes!

So, a good portion of the afternoon spent cleaning. Lots more cleaning to do tomorrow. Thankfully Mr BE is a good helper/doer of things that need to get done. With teamwork we should get this mould issue under control before B4 arrives... I'm just a little concerned that the forecast isn't going to help much with the drying of stuff that can't be put in the dryer... please "Rain, Rain, Go AWAY"!!!

iPhone PWAU Lite... I seriously don't like what you have to say!!

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