Friday, February 3, 2012

First Contact from the BE Hive

So, here I type.  I've been contemplating blogging for a long time now.  I have spent a little time here and there playing with ideas and considering names, content and all that jazz.  I've had a few people suggest I might just be good at it (time shall tell!).  I am definitely addicted to reading blogs, they are my alternative to glossy magazines, I love that the 'articles' I read while stealing a moment with a cuppa come from real people on real issues that speak to me and my own experiences in this life.

I am also admittedly addicted to Facebook.  I manage to convincingly (even if the only person convinced is me) pass my Facebook use off as a necessary tool in maintaining contact with friends and family who live far far away, especially my Mamma who revels in this modern tool for seeing regular updates of her grandchildren.  (Welcome Mamma, maybe you'll be my only follower?! xx )

My husband says I am a social media addict... so... hey... why not let him be right and up the ante with a little blog posting as well!

What is the BE Hive?  It is my world, my little family, my everything.  It travels with us wherever we go, it is not the 4 walls we live in but the bonds that tie us together: Me (Queen BE, Mrs BE, Mummy BE, B1), my Spunky Husband (Mr BE, Daddy BE, B2), our Mini Man (Dudie, B3) and The Bump (B4) who is due to join us all on the outside in T-8wks (27th March).

What will I blog about?  Life, my life, the big, the little, the everyday things.

This will be a safe place that I can tell the everyday stories from the BE Hive and share them with my family and friends... and maybe a few new friends will drop in along the way...


  1. Yay! What a pleasure it will be to have hive insights! Welcome to the wider web, and don't worry, pretty soon you will find your flow and posts will just happen.

    I look forward to hearing more from the beHive, and about your wonderful family

  2. Ooh well done I had started one once but then along with issues with the actual blog page that kept crashing in the middle of writing, I was just really slack. Look forward to hearing more. Though did you know there are two B2s and no B1? Thanks for including me in your first venture into bloggers world can't wait to see more.... xo

    1. Thanks Rach - 1st lesson learnt: before posting, proof read, then walk away & proof read again! B1 is of course me, have edited post so as to avoid further confusion ;) I don't know how much & how often I'll post... shall wait & see... especially in the coming months with B4 arriving!! I'm hoping though that I can start using this space as a bit of a record of life here at the BE Hive for B3 & B4...