Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On Finding the Rhythm of Posting

I have so much I want to write about, to record and to share. I've got a big list of posts I've started to be tweaked & finished, I just need to figure out which ones to work on first!

I am also mulling over how much I want to share and what is appropriate to write... it's a tricky business, but I think for now my benchmark for deciding will be to ask 'would I be happy if my Nanna read/knew this'!!

I do feel like I'm starting this blogging thing quite slowly and am really keen to find a rhythm of regular posting... I think I'm in this place because I leapt out of the gates with my first few posts but hadn't thought beyond that as to how I wanted to keep the blog posts rolling out!

I'm also keenly aware that the looming arrival of B4 will impact on my time available for me to play with posts... however this will be compensated with much material for new and interesting posts on the topic of growing the BE Hive and adjusting to the new dynamic of BE x4!!

So for now, if you've joined me here, welcome and thanks for your patience as I warm up & find my footing... hopefully you'll enjoy the posts as they start rolling out with more frequency :)


  1. Some of the best advice I read was to have a few blog posts on the go. You can start as many as you like, and play with them. They may well change over time, and that is fine, but it will get you into the swing of writing.

    I guess it is easier with recipes, and my draft posts are also where I mull over recipe ideas, test them, tweak them, etc.

    Anyway, you may find it helpful for your musings as well, it helped me to formulate ideas and mull over what and how I want to write.

    I am enjoying your posts immensely x

  2. Thanks for the tips Miss! Recipes are definitely the easier posts to write.

    The personal stories and bits are harder as I don't want to make each post an epic novel... so I am trying to work out how to spril those into nice little chunks... it's coming to me slowly though :)

    The posts will definitely keep coming for your reading pleasure ;) xx