Monday, February 13, 2012

On Living A Dream... one you didn't know you dreamt

Most of the time I am in awe of where I am now.  I say "most" only because it would be dishonest to say everything is always perfect, but definitely most days are, and I guess every day has it's moments that can be put in that "perfect" category.

I was the girl who swore black & blue that she was never, NEVER, EVER having babies.  Seriously... you can ask my Mamma, she will concur that I swore it would never happen, it was not on my agenda, no way, YUCK... just not happening.  Mind you probably quite a good thing to be feeling this way at 15, no?!

By my mid 20's not only was I still swearing off babies, I was also the girl who swore she was never, NEVER, EVER getting married.  Seriously, you ask my Mamma, again she will concur!  Also my girlfriend's can also back this one up... A couple of unhappy relationships had landed me in a steadfast mindset that I didn't need nor want a man in my life.  It is my belief that although those unhappy relationships had ended as the result of negative things my exes had done, I needed to get over the fact that I had enabled them to treat me that way, I needed to get over myself, not them.

So began a period of self imposed 'singledom', a choice to give myself time to be me and to heal the wounds I'd allowed myself to be inflicted.  It was a good time, also a bad time, but an interesting chapter in my life.  Definitely a period of forging some fantastic friendships with solid gold girls who I will always hold dear (you know who you are girls).

Then somewhere along the way, as my late 20's were approaching, my mindset began to shift to a state of feeling that it might not be so bad to have a man in my life.  Nothing so serious as marriage of course, but a date or two, maybe a boyfriend, maybe that would be ok?  Not a necessity, not a NEED, but something that would be alright if it happened upon my path.

Sometime after that change of heart I found myself falling... into a whole new world.  One were I had a few dates, then a little while later person with whom said dates occurred became defined as my 'boyfriend'.  Within 12 months of that first date we were engaged, packing up our separate lives & heading from Brisbane to Alice Springs on an "adventure" together.  Less than 12 months after that there was a big fat wedding... where I wore the dress I never thought I'd wear... seriously, I tried that one on for a laugh thinking it would be a hoot to see myself all 'toilet roll dolly' style - next thing I new I HAD TO HAVE THAT DRESS!  It was a whirlwind, but there was no point in the whirling that I felt like I needed to get off the ride... it just felt right in a way I can't describe in words.

Fast forward a little over 3 years on from that day, I am a wife, and Mamma to one cheeky little Mini Man (22 months) and we are 6 weeks out from Mini Man becoming a big brother.

There have been so many fantastic experiences in the last 5 years and I know there a many more adventures to come.  I can't imagine my life any other way now.  I really have met my soul mate.

It's a dream come true.


  1. Oh my! I love this. Love that you followed your heart and look how wonderful your life is now. All the best with your next cherub arriving. Enjoy. N x